“ABC. A, always. B, be. C, closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING.” – Glengarry Glen Ross

At RK, we’re always on the up-and-up! As experts of upstream, we bring our same solution-based customer service model into midstream as well. We had the chance to chat with Colby Clinton; Vice President of Sales and Sieven Taylor; Vice President of Midstream about our solution-based approach to customer service. After almost running out of paper, here are some of the many ways RK brings our customers an elite experience!

Our inventory is stocked right at our Midland facility. 90,000 square feet house endless amounts of inventory levels in stock and are then distributed to any of our 14 facilities where they are dispatched and brought to you at lightning speed! In addition, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our customer experience. That means even more expansion in the future for midstream, documentation and project coordination.

Our solution-based sales team is more than just order takers! At RK we rely on a proactive instead of a reactive customer experience. Our team is always looking out for your best interest when it comes to new products and alternative options that will save you money. For midstream customers, that means we offer our expert knowledge on piping, fittings and valves (which our sales team boast 100+ years experience managing!)

When the time comes to integrate our product, we employ a four-person safety team, two in-house engineers and a sales engineer. These experts are a part of our customer experience to specifically manage how to integrate sales material into projects for you, our customers. This all comes at no additional cost to you and is a huge added bonus!

If you’re looking to elevate how you manage your upstream and midstream products and begin implementing our elite customer experience, call (432) 563- 7900 or email info@rksupply.net