“Scared Money Doesn’t Make Money” – Lance Daniels


If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Chief Operations Officer, Lance Daniels, you know he’s a calculated risk taker. Still, Lance as well as the entire RK team emphasize a balance of risk vs comprehensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Where there’s risk, there’s reward and Lance has known his fair share of both.

The first big risk occurred when The Daniels purchased RK at the end of 2008. Coming from the telecom industry, they were looking to diversify and took a risk jumping into an industry that would bring unfamiliar terminologies, materials and day to day responsibilities. It was shortly after the ink had dried on the purchase of their deal when oil and gas went from a steady $90 a barrel to just over $30. Lance found out early on that this was a long-game strategy and not for the easily shaken.

On a day-to-day, RK maintains stable growth by abstaining from making business decisions based on all the many micro-fluctuations that occur in the oil and gas market and focusing on their strategic business plan. Lance states that market variations happen regularly in our industry and don’t directly affect RK’s approach to continuing to focus on upward expansion. Still, the media can create uncertainly with business owners which is why he always emphasizes talking to the RK team over getting information from outside sources. The media likes to fixate on second-to-second fluctuations, which can paralyze business owners from taking small short-term risks that prevent them from long-term growth.

In order to remain a big risk-big reward mentality, Lance is always looking into how RK Supply can offer more to it’s customers. Right now, our recent expansion into midstream supply is allowing us to serve another area of need in our industry. In addition, we’ve ventured into new territories with our Jal, NM location and opened a Houston-based sales office focused on our midstream expansion. If you’re in the market for consistent growth and expansion, look no further than implementing our low risk – high reward customer service into your oil and gas supply needs by calling (432) 563- 7900 or email info@rksupply.net