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At RK we put Safety First, which is why we employ a safety team to see things through a different lens! Our team includes Seth Rou; HSC Specialist, Kevin Miller; Safety Manager & David Elkin; Safety Director. These guys act as RK’s internal consultants and serve as extra eyes and ears in safety and accident prevention. Their top priority is to make sure everyone goes home safely at the end of their work day. READ MORE > >

Did you know RK has our own staff engineer assisting our customers at no additional charge?! That’s right, as part of RK’s nontraditional and solution-based approach to customer service, we employ our very own in-house engineer Aaron Clements. Clements, who is our VP of Engineering and Product Development, graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech. He has since brought our RK customers a wealth of assistance and has continued our pledge to serve as oilfield solution finders rather than just order takers. READ MORE > >

We recently got the chance to sit down for a financial state of the union with Paul Midkiff who has been the Wells Fargo National Manager of Oil, Gas, & Mineral Management for almost a decade. Paul began his career during the height of industry only to witness a historic crash within the next year. Since then he’s witnessed six to seven cycles of serious petroleum market fluctuations. Here's what Paul has to say about the current O&G economy. READ MORE >>


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