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According to the Texas Department of transportation, “only 2 percent of Texans live in the Permian Basin, (but) 11 percent of all traffic fatalities occurred there in 2017”.  In a recent interview with the Midland Reporter Telegram, John Speed; a district engineer with the Texas Department of Transportation’s in Odessa, stated “there are multiple causes for the high level of collisions that take place on our roads, mostly stemming from oil and gas industry here in the Permian.” READ MORE > >

We recently got the chance to sit down for a financial state of the union with Paul Midkiff who has been the Wells Fargo National Manager of Oil, Gas, & Mineral Management for almost a decade. Paul began his career during the height of industry only to witness a historic crash within the next year. Since then he’s witnessed six to seven cycles of serious petroleum market fluctuations. Here's what Paul has to say about the current O&G economy. READ MORE >>