“Everyone come see how good we look” – Ron Burgundy

After almost 11 successful years in the oil and gas industry, we’d say we’ve established a name for ourselves and pretty distinct voice to go with it. Still, we know some folks are new to RK Supply or want to know more about us. We are venturing into new waters by providing more in-depth looks into our company via blogging. The first thing we want to establish is that you will not find a company more confident in the service we provide.

When asked why RK has achieved the level of success it has, Owner/Operator Lance Daniels simply says, “we just do it better”. That doesn’t solely apply to out-kicking the competition, it also means getting up every day and trying to out-do our own performance from the day before. Over a decade of business with dynamic growth doesn’t mean there haven’t been any snags along the way, but it does means we’ve learned a thing or thousand about what works and what doesn’t.

We could start fresh out of the gate by throwing sexy oilfield terms at you, give you a braggadocios list of the products we carry, list awards our staff have won, or brag about our unbeatable delivery speed… but all you need to know is the root of RK is a commitment to set the service standards of the Permian Basin oilfield. We offer an unbeatable combination of top-notch oilfield supply products always on hand, knowledgeable staff and fast as you-know-what service. If you haven’t met us yet, we’re RK Supply, and we’re excited to show you how good we look.