“You’re so Money Baby. And you don’t even know it.” – Swingers, 1996

It’s no secret in the oil field that equipment and labor make up a hefty amount of expenses. Cost savings is always at the forefront of our minds, but sometimes our efforts to save money end up costing us in the long run. In managing production and supplies in this industry, we run into businesses who will go so far as to let equipment stay broken down because of the up-front price tag tag associated with fixing it.

Long term, we try to educate companies looking for temporary fixes or decision-making that will halt long term production when it comes to their pipes, valves and fittings. There are many places you can choose to make financial cuts to reduce expenses, but the products you rely on day-to-day should in no way be one of them!

The reality is… you aren’t saving money by putting off repairs, you are losing it. If you’re ready to get back up again and start turning income around, hit us up and let our fast and knowledgeable staff get you back up and running.  You’re leaving money on the table until you do.