“Top Gun rules of engagement are written for your safety and for that of your team.”- Viper, Top Gun

At RK we put Safety First, which is why we employ a safety team to see things through a different lens! Our team includes Kevin Miller, Safety Manager and David Elkin, Safety Director. These guys act as RK’s internal consultants and serve as extra eyes and ears in safety and accident prevention. Their top priority is to make sure everyone goes home safely at the end of their work day.

Safety is the backbone of the oil and gas business, first and foremost. Companies in our industry are facing safety-related issues because of distraction and fatigue related accidents. Internally, our store managers and company directors thoroughly manage fatigue, as it is the number one contributing factor to accidents. “I was in a hurry” also shows up frequently in incident reports. When you combine a high-performance industry with a delivery-driven product, it can quickly translate to pressure and create an urgency that results in a higher accident rate.

That’s why at RK, we stress prevention and a proactive approach. Our safety team makes an effort to spend ample time in the incident prevention lane. We try to influence positive behavior and make sure our people are making the right decisions and take ownership of our policies. In addition to being fully compliant with current industry safety standards, we start by hiring candidates who understand and buy into the importance of their safety. Once they’re on board, our new hires enter a mandatory safety orientation within their first week, so they are safer and efficient from the get-go. This is required for all RK employees, of all positions, so that we have a full buy in company-wide of safety practices. Our most important factor in safety comes down to our employees living it and we applaud them for doing a phenomenal job.

Each of our 14 locations holds a morning safety huddle where employees and managers discuss current safety topics. Kevin and David also lead a monthly meeting at each store where they cover recent incidents and nail down preventative methods for employees. Our branch location managers do an outstanding job of buying into and exercising best practices to prevent any injuries among their employees. And at the end of the day, our injury reports (or lack there-of) speak for themselves.

Because of our team’s hard work and attention to detail, RK employees receive top-notch education and instruction on how to do their jobs safely every day. We thank them for their hard work – all at no added expense to our customers! To get started with our world-class safety implementation on your oilfield supply parts, all (432) 563- 7900 or email info@rksupply.net