Tried. Tested. True.

Located in Midland, TX, the RK Engineering and Testing Center (ETC) maintains a full-time staff who continuously refine and improve our manufacturing quality standards. The RK team completes multi-point inspections on every RK manufactured production run in-house before receiving product into stock. The ETC is our Research & Delivery Center, and our engineers rigorously refine our product standards on existing and in-development product classes and continuously defines the gold standard for quality in the Oil & Gas PVF market.

“The Funklok product was created with oil & gas operations at the forefront of the design process, and manufactured according to RK’s stringent quality standards.”

— Aaron Clements, Executive Vice President of Engineering & Supply Chain


Existing RK customers may be eligible to utilize our new, soon-to-launch online store - making it faster and easier for you to order the necessary parts for your job. Visit the store or contact your RK representative for information on how to get starting using this innovative new tool.