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What You Need, When You Need It

RK’s deep understanding of the oil and gas industry helps give your operation an edge around the clock. RK’s sales and operations teams not only know the parts and processes, RK’s locations are everywhere you are. RK’s robust field location portfolio means wait times are minimized and efficiencies are maximized.

Count on RK to get you the piping, valves, fittings, tools, and equipment that are vital in maintaining production. If there’s not an immediate, off-the-shelf valve or fitting available, RK’s technical sales experts will work with you to find a solution to meet your needs.

If that’s not the definition of service, we don’t know what is.



We provide our customers with the services of RK specialists for capital project execution. This includes material check-ins, order management, returns management, and project reviews for BOM analysis.

Technical support

To ensure you receive exactly the components your operation or project requires, a trained RK facility engineering team is on-hand. They will provide you support for material specification, valve specification, and BOM creation and review.

Trailer & connex delivery

To help streamline big, onsite operations, RK is proud to offer you fully stocked product trailers and connexes delivered to your location. Trailers are inventoried and organized with key materials to provide your crews the ultimate in “grab ‘n go” convenience. It greatly increases efficiencies and time savings, while also securely protecting materials.


Existing RK customers may be eligible to utilize our new, soon-to-launch online store - making it faster and easier for you to order the necessary parts for your job. Visit the store or contact your RK representative for information on how to get starting using this innovative new tool.